Rapid Antigen Instructions

Rapid Antigen Kit Activation

Rapid Antigen Verification

Step # 1 

  • Scan QR code to Register the Kit OR

Step # 2

  •  Enter your barcode & booking ref number using the link

Step # 3

  • Fill the required information

Step # 4

  • Take a picture of id documents and test cassette placing them side by side in one picture as shown

DAY 2 & DAY 8 Instructions

Rapid Antigen Verification

Rapid Antigen Kit Activation

To activate your kit, please visit:

  • Enter the barcode of the sample kit and activation PIN as instructed.
  • Input the date and time you have taken the sample and press send.

  • Repeat the process for each sample kit on day 2 and day 8.

  • Ensure this is done before you post your sample.

  • Fail to register the kit may cause delay in your result.


Mandatory Day 2 and Day 8 FAQs

From 15 Feb, it is mandatory to perform two Covid-19 tests after international travel. You’re required to perform a test on or before day 2 for variant surveillance and another test on or after day 8 of your quarantine to check you do not have coronavirus. This mandatory test is for everyone who is arriving to United Kingdom.

Important note:

Patients must complete the self swab as directed in the instructions inside the test kit. Failure to take a swab as directed, may cause a delay in reporting your result.
Taking a swab on behalf of someone else is a gross breach of the terms of this service.